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What is Olaplex?

Step 1 (when using with a colour service)

Olaplex 1 (bond multiplier) is added to your colour during the mixing process.

Step 2

Olaplex 2 is applied to your hair straight after your colour for ultimate strengthening. 

Step 3 (optional)

Olaplex 3 is your optional take home product to help maintain the integrity and condition of your hair. Ideally used once a week.

Have a little google and it won't take you long to see all the fabulous reviews!... It's really been hitting the tabloids lately. More and more people have been discovering the amazing benefits. Olaplex is definitely helping Kellee to create more 'happy hair days'

Here is a great little article that explains the amazing Olaplex in simple terms.

What is the Olaplex Treatment?

A revolutionary 3 step strengthening/rebuilding treatment like no other! Working on the foundation of the hair structure to create stronger, healthier hair. Minimizes damage during your colour service.


This product is 'insurance for your hair' during lightening processes.

Kellee quotes "As a hairdresser of 20 years I have never seen a product of it's kind perform so well! I thought I would try it out after hearing great reports but was sceptical thinking it was just marketing hype! It didn't take long to discover it was the most powerful strengthening treatment I have ever come across. I can feel the strength in my clients hair instantly and push the boundaries of the lightening process further than we could before (when needed). When my clients have used Olaplex 2 or 3 times, this is when I really notice a difference in the lustre, strength and vitality of my clients hair.

30€ with any service

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